The Bernarducci Legacy


As of right now, I’m in the process of planning out the logistics, and setting up
what will be the start of my very first legacy. I want to first and foremost thank
Pinstar, and his brilliant Legacy Challenge post(Linked Below), because from there
I was able to start attempting this challenge myself!

The background of the Legacy founder is as follows:

Carlo moved from Italy when he graduated HS to Bridgeport City in the US. He thought he would find fame and fortune from the get-go when he first arrived in the US. To his rude awakening, when he got there, the great land which he had purchased in Italy turned out to be just that, land. He is now there stuck with an empty piece of land and no money.

Will he carry out the family name and grow in wealth, or will he become a homeless and live everyday regretting coming to Bridgeport City.


More will definitely come, so stay tuned to what Carlo’s crazy sim mind has in store!